A third party logistics company, like Dubois Global Logistics, partners with businesses to help develop a supply chain management system. The goal of a logistics company is to develop a system that provides businesses with an efficient and cost effective way to move products from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
A logistics company is not a trucking company or a freight company. Simply put a logistics company offers an intangible service. Logistics companies do not own equipment to transport freight. Rather, logistics companies have the knowledge, experience and partnerships to move freight.

Every business can benefit from partnering with a third party logistics company. From large businesses with multiple global locations to new start ups, Dubois Global Logistics can help.

Many small businesses are hesitant to partner with a 3PL company; often thinking that they are too small to take one on. But the truth is that third-party logistics providers can help manage and grow your business—whether you have a large business with 3 locations or a small business starting out of your basement—there’s a 3PL management solution for you.

Our business is not about increasing your expenses. As part of your team we will reduce your current shipping expenses by joining your company with our network. Partnering with us allows your company to benefit from group shipping or warehousing rates as well as access to the volume discounts that Dubois Global Logistics receives through the partnerships we have in the industry.