Dubois Global Logistics is Your Logistics Team

Dubois Global Logistics is a third party, global logistic company that offers you a team of logistics experts that will help your businesses grow, reduce your costs and provide you with peace of mind whenever shipping is involved. Think of Dubois Global Logistics as an extension of your team. We work for you. It is our job to make your life easier.

We will streamline your supply chain by managing your warehousing, distribution, and shipping schedules. As a part of your team we will keep you up to date during the shipping process and handle any problems that may occur along the way.

Dubois Global Logistics Adds Value to Your Company

We take care of your day to day tracking, ensure that appointment times are met, manage the carrier accounts payable and receivable reconciliations, prepare your customs clearances and solve any shipping related problems that pull you away from your business.

You will be assigned a highly qualified logistics manager for your project. This gives you one phone number and  point of contact for everything in your supply chain. From obtaining rates to appointment bookings, straight through to carrier financial settlements and damage claims, we’ll take care of all of it.

With Dubois Global Logistics on your team you can concentrate your efforts on driving your business forward.

Contact the Dubois Global Logistics team today to see if we can help your business grow.